Who we are

The MolBNL laboratory is active within the Department of Engineering and Architecture (DEA) since 1995 and deals with theory, simulation, modeling, and experiment in the areas of materials and life science.

What we do

  • Main activity of the laboratory is the application of multiscale molecular modelling and related experimental techniques to material and life sciences.
  • Molecular modeling in the field of life sciences including techniques and methods for drug design, for virus inhibition and development of new molecular assembly for the bioscience, the development of new drugs, the understanding of physical chemistry and thermodynamics in physiological processes.
  • Multiscale molecular modeling in the field of material science, provides an in silico tool for the design of complex nano structured  materials such as nano composites, polymer blends, nano object dispersion in polymer matrices and complex interface phenomena. Different numerical techniques including quantum mechanics, atomistic, meso scale and micro finite-element simulation are integrated for the prediction of properties of materials.
  • Experimental facilities available are ITC and Far UV- Spectrometer.
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